Let’s sing, it’s Spring!

Sincere thanks to Matthew Curtis (choraltracks.com) for this recording. For song description and sheet music, see below.

Description: “Let’s sing, it’s Spring!” is dedicated to my dear uncle and aunt, James and Daphne Shaw, and their amazing clan, the “Bowen Island Shaws.” I have given this song the sub-title: “A Crazy Choral Etude for Rolled Rs and Perfect 5ths.” It is meant, no pun intended, to be a musical lark, great fun for a choir to sing, rolling Rs like crazy, with no holding back.

NB: One day I woke up to the realization that I had independently written four choral works, each of which had evoked a different season, and so it seemed natural to group them together into a choral suite that I have called The Ottawa Four Seasons Suite. “Let’s sing, it’s Spring!”, with its rousing coda, works perfectly as the closing number of this suite.

Sheet music (SATB div.): https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/let-s-sing-it-s-spring-digital-sheet-music/22346346.